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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Does This Cost?

Check out our rates page! We have both annual and monthly memberships. There are no hidden charges and everything is included in our membership package.


I want to Train to get fit, do I have to spar?

All members must be cleared to spar. Once we believe you are ready to spar, the option is yours. You do not have to compete and we do not pressure you to spar. Sparring does not cost extra.

Our conditioning is legendary.

How does training work? Are there classes?

Our training is structured, progressive, cutting edge and results are achieved quickly as we target exactly what is important depending on the students level of expertise.

Training is done from the ground up and we never allow you to progress with bad footwork. If you are unable to move you cannot box, without balance you cannot punch, it is that simple. A good estimate for developing good boxing skills is roughly 12-24 months.

We look at balance and movement then transfer of weight. We progress once fundamentals are solid. Conditioning and floor exercises are the next step. Additionally, we can look at a weight training program and give dietary advice.

Where are you and when are you open?

Check out our locations page for addresses as well as our hours of operation! Drop in at any time while we are open and check us out.


Do I pay for extra instruction?

All necessary instruction is included in membership. If you're looking to increase your training volume - you simply show up more.

Is drop-in training an option?

You are welcome to visit the club however we are a members-only facility.

Why don’t you do Boxercise?

We teach real boxing and proper boxing techniques. We don't have anything against boxercise it just isn't what we do here.

Can I compete?

Yes, we're able to arrange for you to fight at amateur level or as a professional. However, our standards are high and the final decision always rests with the trainers within the club.

Frequently Asked Questions