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Feint: A Boxing Move

Author : Bob McAdam

  Feint: A movement designed to feign an attack to body or head to obtain an advantage.

Most amateur boxers do not feint, they should however they are not trained to and do not practice this essential skill. Using very little energy, feinting can achieve a huge amount and virtually neutralize an opponents attack by constantly forcing an opponent to adjust to the perceived attack.To sell your feint the opponent must respect your punching power and believe the movement is definitely an attack being initiated. Success can force your opponent to avoid punching in favour of avoiding getting hit.

  • Feinting can force your opponent into a vulnerable position

  • Feinting can stop an opponents attack

  • Feinting can initiate your attack

  • You can feint to head or body

Get your coach to talk about it and mix up your feints and attacks breaking up your rhythm to be less predictable. Your feint should exactly mimic a punch or attacking movement. Use a mirror and check with your coach.


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